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Notable First-Party DevelopersEdit

Company Active First Console Latest Console First Handheld Latest Handheld Digital Platform
Atari First Generation – Fifth Generation Atari Pong Jaguar Lynx
Nintendo First Generation – Present Color TV Wii U Game and Watch New Nintendo 3DS
Sega Third Generation – Sixth Generation SG01000 Dreamcast Game Gear Nomad
Sony Fifth Generation – Present PlayStation Playstation 4 PSP Vita
Apple Fifth Generation – Present Apple Bandai Pippin
Apple tv-q410-angled-lg
Apple iPhone
Apple iPhone
Microsoft Sixth Generation – Present Xbox Xbox One
WindowsPhone8DataSense Print
Valve Sixth Generation – Present Steam Link Steamboy-consola-valvejpg EDIIMA20140613 0516 5 Valve Steam
Google Eighth Generation – Present Nexus Player
Google-nexusone-hero tall-300
Front view of Nexus 7 (cropped)
Google Play

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